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Ways of Overcoming Sexual Problems Post-pregnancy

For women, sex after pregnancy or childbirth may not be crossed or less just appeared in his mind. Even so, you and your partner will also need to understand the expectations or the need for efforts to restore back to intimacy.

Allow time for recovery The length of time needed for recovery postpartum women depend on their respective conditions. Both normal and birth by Caesarean section, the female body needs time to heal. Usually, doctors advise couples to have sex  six weeks postpartum. Time is needed to cover the cervix again, the bleeding stops, or other reproductive organ recovery.

Overcome your fears Worried sick, taste changes, or different from a psychological problem for the couple to have sex pascakehamilan. Thing to understand is, realize that hormonal changes occur in the vagina that make dry and loose. To overcome this problem, try to make sex more relaxed and calm. Start by hugging, kissing, and massaging. Gradually, build the intensity of sexual stimulation. If the main problem lies in a dry vagina, then do not hesitate to use lubricating creams or gels. Perform variety of sex positions. In order to run smoothly, build more effective communication with your partner again. Also of note is the focus on women’s sexual intimacy. Leave while distracting thoughts about diapers, baby dirty clothes, and other housework.
Another problem that often interfere with women’s psychic is physical changes, especially the vagina. Postpartum, it’s natural vaginal muscles relax. As a result, it is hard to inflame. Relax, this condition is only temporary. Perform Kegel exercises to restore the vaginal muscle tone.

What about contraception?
If you are not ready to get pregnant again, then you should consult your doctor contraception issue. Select a convenient contraception. With careful planning, you are certainly more able to enjoy sex pascakehamilan, without the worry of being broken.

Too tired and not interested in sex
Pregnancy and childbirth exhausting for women. If your body is feeling tired or after a day of babysitting, then communicate this with your partner. Refuse sex when tired does not mean you no longer wish to have sex. Consider having sex the morning when the baby is falling asleep.

Condition your body also has more fresh at this time.Loss of interest in sex is normal for women pascakehamilan. Sex is not the only way to rebuild intimacy with a partner. What is important, it opened with a partner about the problem you are facing this. It would be difficult when couples do not understand and do not open with your problem. If you have this, then you are at risk of postpartum depression. Immediately seek medical assistance and consult with your doctor if you have depression.

Returned to normal within one year
It should be understood, many changes experienced by couples, especially women pascakehamilan. If you are still not ready to have sex, and understand your partner, then focus your mind on other things. It was as restore the body back to fitness by:

* Create a target while adjusting to your role as mother.
* Accept and appreciate the changes that occur in your body.
* Eat healthy foods and drink more.
* Routine undergoing physical activity.
* Take a break more often.
* Ask for support of spouse and family.
* Participate in a community of young moms who have similar experiences

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