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Vitamin D Breast Cancer Risk Press

A recent research indicates that increased consumption of vitamin D through dietary intake and exposure to the sun was associated with reduced risk of breast cancer.

As reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology, Monday (20/10), giving vitamin D can suppress the presence of cancer hormone receptor, namely estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR).

Hormone receptors can be analogous to the ear in breast cells that will listen to signals from hormones. When the signal is commanded to grow, cancer cells will develop in breast cells that contain receptors.

Cancer will be called ER-positive (ER +) if the cause of development is the result of the receptor for the hormone estrogen. Meanwhile, if the cause of development is the presence of receptors for the hormone progesterone, called PR-positive (PR +).

Research that links intake of vitamin D in the presence of hormone receptors was carried by Blackmore KM and colleagues from Mount Sinai Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

Research done by comparing 758 patients with breast cancer and 1135 control participants who did not suffer from the disease. The researchers found that participants who were vitamin D intake was high experienced 26 percent lower risk of breast cancer ER and PR, and 21 percent decreased risk of ER or PR tumors.

The study also indicates that vitamin D was associated with reduced breast cancer risk regardless of whether the tumor is ER or PR status.

Vitamin D is found in foods such as fish oils, fortified foods, such as juice, cereal, and milk, and obtained by other means, such as exposure to sunlight

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