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Quick Sex, Short But Delicious!

Busyness is unusual for married couples today, sometimes an obstacle to getting good quality sex. However, do not worry, maybe with a strategy of  quick sex, you keep running while the activity of affairs is equally the same pleasure can be compatible.

In a recent survey conducted by sex expert claimed that the optimal time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes. It was written in the Journalof  Sex Medicine, who also explained that the stability of power is the key to satisfying sex.

However, do not always happy for men, for a short time does not include foreplay. And sex experts calculate that sex between 1-2 minutes is too short.Eric Corty, leader of the research team, hoping to ward off the thinking of those that excessive Something more fun, and if you want to please your partner, you must have sex longer.

That statement would lead to wider problems about sex, said Corty. According to him, one study also showed that both men and women want foreplay and sexual intercourse last longer.Citing research in 2005, Dr. Irwin Goldstein of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, calculates the study for four weeks for 1,500 couples, shows most of them having sex as long as 7.3 minutes, while the remaining time is wasted with acts that are not clear.

Both adult men and teenagers trying to have sex for longer than 3-13 minutes of content. And despite the myth that says that the longer the better, most people do not feel excited like what they describe.Actually, if viewed in terms of satisfaction. To reach the climax no longer determined by whether or not related. All the more referring to how you feel and quality of sex itself. If we feel comfortable when exposed, sure sense of satisfaction you receive will be more severe.

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