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Post-Cancer Treatment Tips

Since it was first diagnosed with cancer, make (or ask the person who accompanied you create) a daily record of anything related to your cancer: diagnosis, examination and laboratory results, name and dosage of medication, therapy you receive, the diet that you must do , visits to the doctor / hospital (and for what purposes), all the complaints and change your circumstances, and all the other clutter that seems not important though! One day you will need these records.

Invite family or friends when a doctor, and ask them to record important things the doctor said.

In order not to wait too long, call a doctor an hour earlier to make sure your doctor is not too late to come.

A time to the dentist before starting treatment for cancer you do not have problems in the middle of treatment.

Cut your hair short before starting chemotherapy so as not too much to fall out. Even if the loss, did not look conspicuous.

Be careful. 7-12 days after your chemotherapy are susceptible to infection. Keep clean and avoid being around people who are sick. If fever, immediately to the doctor.

Eating and Drinking

Even if you feel sick, try to keep eating. Eat a little better than not eating at all, because an empty stomach will worsen your nausea.

Instead of five-legged eating (buying outside, especially from the stall in the street), it is better to eat four-legged own cuisine (beef, goat, etc.). Instead of eating better foods to eat four-legged bipedal food (poultry meat: chicken, birds, swans, etc.). Instead of eating two-legged, it’s better to eat one-legged (mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits) or no-footed (eggs, fish).

Drink 8-10 glasses a day to help your body get rid of toxins produced by cancer cells or leftover medication.

Reduce drinking coffee, especially if your diarrhea. Beware also caffeine in cola drinks and the like. Better to be replaced tea, especially green tea.

Do not let inventories run out of food in the refrigerator, for supplies if at any time did not have time to cook / buy food.


Keep exercising, even just walking around the house, so you get fresh air and still feel physically and mentally fit.

Keep doing everyday activities, but not be forced. Rest when tired.

If you do not have maids, it’s time to take a maid, or ask your relatives to help make your everyday tasks.

If any part of your body that feels pain, ask for pain medication the doctor. If it still aches, ask for another drug. Do not let pain interfere with your activities.


Enjoy your life. Do the things you love to do: visiting relatives house, watching movies, to shopping malls, cooking, teaching, social gathering, car repair, care of the plants, cleaning the house, anything to your liking!

Put a mobile phone near you. Not only important for times of emergency, but also beneficial to contact the family, relatives, and friends to keep you happy.

Turn off your phone when you want a break. If I need to record your health development and use as a message on an answering machine.

If you had been in bed long enough, have entertainment in your room: television, radio, magazines, books, telephone, etc..


Change to the nearest bedroom with bathroom.
Put the bell in the bathroom, maybe you need help.
Prepare a mouthwash and a soft toothbrush. Chemotherapy sometimes causes canker sores.
Try getting enough sleep to recover.

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