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Must Breast Treated During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women ignore breast care. It may be because the lazy or really do not know will benefit. Whereas breast care during pregnancy is very important to the smooth milk soon after birth.

“In fact, with proper care, the result is not just a pretty production, but also the shape of the breast will still be good for breastfeeding,”

As is known, the breast during pregnancy will change. Among others feel tighter, bigger, and more full. That said, the birth weight of each breast to 1.5 times higher than before pregnancy.

The hormone prolactin

“Usually the big breasted women more likely to feel the changes that occur. Therefore, fat has a lot so he can feel when there is change,” said Suharjanti. While that small breasts do not really feel, but that does not mean there is no change. “Depending on the sensitivity level of the mother is pregnant.”

All the changes show that there are development and growth of glandular tissue in the breast. Because in pregnant women, bright Suharjanti, “the blood vessels work more actively to prepare the glands that exist in the breast, so that later can produce.”

Suharjanti further described, in the breast there are 15-25 segments / lobes are composed of gland reservoir / alveoli. Muscle layer is formed in relation to each other around the alveoli, which will contract to squeeze milk out of the pockets of small channels that flow to the nipple.

Since the beginning of pregnancy, the hormone stimulates the development of milk production cells in the alveoli. The most important hormones in the formation of the milk is prolactin, which started work since the age of 8 weeks gestation. These hormones also maintain the balance of the large number of milk produced at each stage with the help of the hormone estrogen produced by the placenta.

In addition, prolactin also make aerola color becomes darker and more prominent nipples. But for the nipples flat or sinking into deep, this bulge is not felt.

Three-step treatment

Breast care after pregnancy is recommended starting 5-6 months old. For, if the early pregnancy nipple stimulation we’ve done, for example, is not it good results obtained, “but instead can cause uterine contractions,” explained Suharjanti.

The maintenance carried out are:


This can be done when bathing. Previously prepared in the basin of warm water and cold water, coconut oil is clean (best if homemade) or baby oil, towels, and cotton.

Wash your breast using water, then massage using oil. Massage is done using both hands, rotate around the breast sorted clockwise and then reverse / anti-clockwise. After that do the ordering from the bottom toward the nipple, but her nipples self-massage unnecessary because no berkelenjar but only a mere ducts.

After the massage, knock-knock breast using your fingertips or the tip knuckle. Point for blood circulation work better. Next nipples cleaned by using cotton and oil. This oil is useful for flex and moisturize nipples nipples when breastfeeding is not easy future blisters.

Finally, clean the breast and nipple using warm water and cold. The goal is to facilitate the circulation of blood. After that dry disposable towel.

Regular Gymnastics

We recommend that the breast is also treated with doing gymnastics. Useful to strengthen the pectoral muscles in the chest, thus compressing the breast and stimulate milk production for the better.

Senamnya very easy, really, Mom. Can be done before or after bathing. There are two kinds of exercises that can be done by women, namely:

1. Standing position, right hand holds the left forearm near the elbow, otherwise the left hand holds the right forearm (like the arms folded). Then press firmly to the chest with a way to strengthen the grip, so it felt pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Next relax your back. Do it over and over again until 30 times.

2. Hold both ends of the shoulder with hands, then elbows rotated forward so that the inner arm massage (massage) breast upward. Continued upward movement of the hand back and return to its original position. Perform this exercise 20 times a round.

Wearing the right bra

To overcome discomfort when enlarged breasts, wear a bra that fits and can hold. Do not wear too tight or loose, but it should really fit according to breast size at the time and can sustain breast development. If it’s too narrow will impede the development of breast glands, whereas if too loose will look worn down and sick.

If the breasts are very large, it is better to select a buffer using wire. Because the bra does not sustain well on large breasts tend to fall and form a crease at the bottom of the breast. Meanwhile, if the mother did not maintain the cleanliness and dryness under the fold, the fungus usually will grow.

Do not forget, the body of pregnant women tend to sweat. For that, choose a bra in cotton or cotton blend so comfortable to wear and easy to absorb sweat. Leash for a width selected so as to support the breast well.

When the fungus was already present, immediately take it to the doctor. For, if the mushrooms rose up to the entire breast can be a problem later on when breastfeeding.

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