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Great Sex Without Drugs

Everyone certainly does not have the same taste. But there are some foods that are often avoided people, either because of its taste, smell or shape. Various kinds of reasons given in order to avoid vegetables or foods that are bad. But if you want to improve your sex skills, better think again of
your refusal. Because your sexual performance can be improved with the right food and not a strong drug.

Some of the following foods are foods that are often avoided because of its taste. Bitter, pungent odor, or even be the reason. You better see the first, or say goodbye to your passionate desire to force sex!

1. Garlic
Garlic is often avoided because of the aroma that often sting in the mouth after eating. Bad breath become unpleasant, so people often avoid it. Actually one of these herbs actually have big benefits. Garlic contains aliccin, a substance that helps blood circulation to sexual organs. In addition, garlic also helps increase libido. If you object to the smell, there is a garlic extract in capsule form. But of course the original is more striking is not it?

2. Celery
When eating at home or restaurant, celery is often overlooked because of  its small size or taste bitter and hollow on the tongue. The bitter little that can actually enhance sexual stimulation because it contains androsterone compound. This compound is similar to the hormone without any odor in men, especially in the armpits. This hormone is believed to make women horny.

3. Coffee
Coffee is often avoided due to some people cause nausea, and also makes the heart beat faster. But with the right amount, coffee can increase libido in women. With no more than two cups a day, the caffeine in coffee will help sexual stimulation faster and larger energy. If it is not like coffee, it can be mixed with honey or milk.

4. Chili
Men are generally less happy with chili which is used as a condiment. Spicy chili that arise because more women preferred. Just for you guys have to get used to the spicy chili. Capsaicin, the chemical found in chili will help to release endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are substances that are useful and stimulating people to feel happy. With a feeling of happiness, the most likely desire would be the greater flirt.Four food on the food which is quite often rejected of men, but as has been revealed, it has many benefits for your sex life. Options are now in your hands, if you are willing to try food that you do not like your sexual satisfaction? Come a little sacrifice.

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