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Breast Women Need to Know

Breast is the most important body part for a woman, but still there are many things that have not been known by people on the breast. And here are the “Breast Women, please note” adapted from Divinecaroline. National Breast Cancer Awareness never mention a few things to know about the breast.

1. Women are the only mammals that develop enlarged breasts are visible and in line with the maturity of someone’s age. Other mammals such as dogs, cats and primates have swollen breasts only when pregnant and breastfeeding.

2. No woman has any breast symmetrical. Each breast would be different but the difference was very small because so many are not aware of it. In general, the left breast will be bigger than the right because the heart work more on the left side (left ventricle).

3. Lying on your side or sleep on one breast to change shape of the breast because the skin on the breast tissue is very elastic, easy to stretch and can cause the breast down. Health experts have suggested that if women want to sleep sideways, you should use a pillow to hold her breasts.

4. The myth that says wearing a bra / bra during sleep causes breast cancer is not correct because there is no single mention of scientific evidence.

5. Breast tissue contains no muscle so that no single exercise that can change its shape. The only way to make breasts look tight is to train the pectoral muscles under the breast tissue.

6. According to the company’s bra / bra in America, for over a decade this behind an increase in average breast size women who usually 34B into 36c. And expected in the coming decades, these improvements will continue to happen.

7. Risk woman loses her breast due to breast cancer is about 1 in 8. Most women who get breast cancer are women smokers, obese or have a family history of disease.

8. A man can also breastfeed because mammals have mammary glands as in the case that women can produce milk. Usually a man who can breastfeed have a hormone problem or are in a period of hormone therapy for diseases such as cancer

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