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Breast Cancer. Understanding and Healing

The existence of ‘breast cancer’ creates fear that outsiders can for women, in addition to the merciless ferocity, this cancer often comes suddenly, without permission.

But with the increasing awareness among women to perform regular checks on her breasts. So, the more days the death rate from this cancer could be reduced further. Especially in patients under the age of 30 years. But if it turns out this cancer was already residing in your body, given the very rapid development from stage 1 to not be saved only takes less than five years. Then you must be willing to do various kinds of tests, examinations and treatment to undergo a series of super-intensive. All this is done for the development of cancer cells to known wild-level deployment. This is called ‘staging’. No need to panic, because the advancement of medical technology is growing day by day. So there are many possibilities for you to get away from this deadly disease.

So, wants to know more details about the stadium and a variety of medical terms that must be passed by people with breast cancer? Here are his notes:

Stage 1

At this stage, cancerous lump no more than 2 cm and can not be detected from outside. A very systematic treatment will be given at this stage of cancer, the aim is for the cancer cells can not spread and does not continue on the next stage. At this stage, the possibility of full recovery in patients was 70%.

Stage 2

At this stage, the possibility of cured patients is 30-40% depending on the extent of spread of cancer cells. Usually the amount of cancerous lumps are more than 2 even up to 5 cm and the diffusion rate was already up to the armpit area. Or it could be the size of the cancer has reached 5 centimeters but has not spread everywhere. Usually performed surgery to remove cancer cells that exist in all parts of the spread, and radiation after surgery to make sure no more cancer cells left behind.

Stage 3A

According to data from the MOH, 87% of breast cancers are found at this stadium. Lumps of cancer was larger than 5 centimeters and has spread to lymph nodes.

Stage 3B

Cancer has spread to all parts of the breast, even reaching the skin, chest wall, ribs and chest muscles. In addition, its spread has also attacked the lymph gland completely. If it so there is no other alternative other than removal of the breast.

Stage 4

Cancer cells have spread to attack other body parts, usually bone, lung, liver or brain. Or it could also attack the skin, lymph glands in the neck. Same as stage 3, actions to be performed is the removal of the breast.

Here are some of the terms medical action that made the doctor to stop the growth of cancer cells:


The term lay is ‘appointment a lump’. This appointment is usually accompanied by a little (very minimal) of healthy tissue. In this way, it is expected that the remaining network is still healthy and will be able to reshape the breasts naturally.

Radical Mastectomy

Appointment of breast partly or wholly included chest muscles below the breast to prevent a wider spread of cancer. Now, this method is rarely used because medical technology is more advanced.


Is therapy given in the form of certain drugs that are very strong effect (anti-cancer). This therapy can be given by mouth or injection form in blood vessels. This treatment must be given repeatedly with a cycle that lasts between 3 to 6 months.

Hormone therapy

The method of the hormone that functions as an inhibitor of cancer cell growth rate.

Radiation Therapy

This treatment is usually given in conjunction with a lumpectomy or masectomy, the function of this therapy is to destroy the cancer cells so as not to spread to other parts of the body.

The verdict of breast cancer is not the end of everything, doctors are human beings who could say anything. Still, God determines everything, including human life!

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