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12 Sex Positions Most Liked Men

Here are 12 positions of the most popular male sex and sex techniques that can avoid the palace-style pair of saturation in sexual intercourse. What position? following review:

Supine position

General supine position, also called the position “Bees gather pollen flowers.” This position is a woman on her back while the men have to bear on both elbows and lututnya.Si woman and pulled her legs up to knees and close to his ear. This position will develop and provide plug vulna deep, so it will memcapai climax.


Practice this position, she must hold both legs, so that her thighs are in the corner, perpendicular to the body. While men tudur sideways position right behind the woman. Variations on this position will give the impression to relax with light movement. When a man is a woman on the left, then the woman left foot is placed on both legs of men. This position is done mostly to the relationship after orgasm.


Women sat on the edge of the bed, swinging legs, while men stood in front of him. This position can be adjusted according to taste. The advantages of this position, when a woman leaning on both hands and pushing his vital parts would feel the enjoyable stimulation. Unfortunately at this position is not profitable men, the article to have an orgasm in a standing position is generally not favored by men.


This position is the position of the man should be upright in both hands. He must know when to press. With repetitive motion will result in the pro. But this variation will provide pressure on the abdomen of men and pelvic muscles. To reach peak enjoyment plus, the position of a woman’s feet can be humbled by crossing her legs through the waist of the man, until she can lock, tighten the embrace using the muscles of his legs. In this position also could prolong sexual intercourse.


This game should be done in front of the mirror, the article reflected the image will produce a new dimension of sexual stimulation. The way male sex position chair is sleeveless, while women sit facing lap. To set the women’s movement smooth clutching a man’s body as well as regulate its movement. While the task of man just caress and tenderly kissed her partner. One of the advantages in this position is that both can see their reaction in the mirror.

Squatting position

This position is more easily done, because the couple who will copulate stay squatted to line of sight. Jongkoknya position must be such that they meet each other for sex. With the regular movement and directed the man then slid his “giant missiles” into the burrow copulation partner.


Men sat on the floor facing the woman with legs stretched out under the chair where she sat, then the man pulled her hand stuck out from her seat slowly, so the fall in such a way. The woman can lean on a chair and propped himself on his hands and elbows. women also can enhance and degrading position on which mutual orgasm berbalasan.


Male-female couples sit facing each other and hugged each other aided by the foot. Movement is done by very slowly and rhythmically, swaying forward and backward, resulting in enjoyment. This position is somewhat comical, and the couple must be really serious to hold the cross beam prior to this position lasted five minutes. If during orgasm in this position, should the man pulled her closer, so that his body sticking together.


Place the pillow just below the hips of women, in the supine position was thus forming the alphabet V down and out. Sexual contact will become the maximum. If you want to add pleasure it down pillow can be pulled over the buttocks, so that the angle V will changecurved upward and into. This will make the exact opposite position of female genital organs of male sex. This position is ideal for a slightly overweight woman or a man-sized short vital.


recumbentMen tuck both legs at the knee, but both ends of the legs still stepping on the bed, while she put her body over the thighs of men and had to support her body on her hands and knees. After the woman lying face down on a man’s body. In this position, more romantic, because the woman can caress and kiss her partner.


crossedIn this position copulating couples sit together diranjang. Woman sitting on man’s leg. Stretched their legs so the feet of the man under her feet. Then the woman’s legs to the stomach he emphasized that “the key to find the hole gate heritage.” With key shuttle service to and out of their inheritance was the pleasure palace gates.

POSITION opposite direction

Sex is the most relaxed position, the article of a man’s head above the feet of women. The couple can see each partner’s sex organs. Movement in this direction opposite positions do men with tighten and loosen his back, thus giving the movement up and down the flexible in women who promote the achievement of extraordinary pleasure. To achieve more pleasure, she must lower her body back slowly so that she was lying between the two legs man

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