The importance of “Loveplay” Before Sex

Sexual activity before contact agency usually is called foreplay. However, most experts in the field of sex mentioned that the term is not precise, because it does not mean anything other than “warming”. Of course warm-up for sex.

The word foreplay giving great pressure on men to have a penis that is able bereksi and tends to lead us to think that sex is just intercourse.Similarly, delivered the opinion of Joel D. Block, Ph.D., in his book Secrets of Better Sex. According to Joel, the proper term for it is loveplay.

Furthermore, Joel said that usually the period is called foreplay is considered a step that must be performed by a male against female partner that is ready to have sex because the man considered to be ready.In fact, men, especially those who are elderly, very needed and wanted loveplay before or during sex. As a preparation to the actual intercourse, foreplay will be better able to increase sexual desire when run properly.

Here are five guidelines for foreplay according to Joel. D. Block:

1. Remember that sex begins in the brain. Start thinking about the times when having sex and tell your thoughts in brief, preferably through a picture to your partner if you can. Could also with other symbols, such as sending a rose to her office.

2. Note the detail romantic. Prepare a slightly romantic atmosphere. Make sure the room is warm enough, proper lighting, the room smells fragrant, stimulating underwear, and so forth.

3. Slowly. Begin with a kiss (do not jump on the sexual organs).

4. Give an orgasm. Many women do not experience orgasm during intercourse. Most women who experience orgasm several times is much more likely to get a second or third orgasm during sexual intercourse if they had ever experienced.

5. Consider other erotic zones. There are many erotic zones such as nipples, scrotum (in men), or other places like the ears, neck, and so forth.


12 Sex Positions Most Liked Men

Here are 12 positions of the most popular male sex and sex techniques that can avoid the palace-style pair of saturation in sexual intercourse. What position? following review:

Supine position

General supine position, also called the position “Bees gather pollen flowers.” This position is a woman on her back while the men have to bear on both elbows and lututnya.Si woman and pulled her legs up to knees and close to his ear. This position will develop and provide plug vulna deep, so it will memcapai climax. Baca selanjutnya…

Quick Sex, Short But Delicious!

Busyness is unusual for married couples today, sometimes an obstacle to getting good quality sex. However, do not worry, maybe with a strategy of  quick sex, you keep running while the activity of affairs is equally the same pleasure can be compatible.

In a recent survey conducted by sex expert claimed that the optimal time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes. It was written in the Journalof  Sex Medicine, who also explained that the stability of power is the key to satisfying sex. Baca selanjutnya…

Ways of Overcoming Sexual Problems Post-pregnancy

For women, sex after pregnancy or childbirth may not be crossed or less just appeared in his mind. Even so, you and your partner will also need to understand the expectations or the need for efforts to restore back to intimacy.

Allow time for recovery The length of time needed for recovery postpartum women depend on their respective conditions. Both normal and birth by Caesarean section, the female body needs time to heal. Usually, doctors advise couples to have sex  six weeks postpartum. Time is needed to cover the cervix again, the bleeding stops, or other reproductive organ recovery. Baca selanjutnya…

Sex Desire Down? This solution

Loss of libido or desire to make love to men is not equal to erectile dysfunction, although the symptoms are often similar. Typically, the desire to have sex slump triggered a particular problem in the relationship household.

While erectile dysfunction is often called impotence, is generally triggered by a medical condition or due to consumption of drugs that are not appropriate.However, both decreased sexual desire or erectile dysfunction, both result in a number of factors such as stress, quality of relationship with spouse, job anxiety, too often together with a partner, and even less respect for the couple can also cause male sexual desire decline. Baca selanjutnya…

Great Sex Without Drugs

Everyone certainly does not have the same taste. But there are some foods that are often avoided people, either because of its taste, smell or shape. Various kinds of reasons given in order to avoid vegetables or foods that are bad. But if you want to improve your sex skills, better think again of
your refusal. Because your sexual performance can be improved with the right food and not a strong drug. Baca selanjutnya…

How to Achieve Orgasm Fast Women

Get incredible orgasms become every woman’s dream. But in fact, women often experience obstacles Fuck you who want to succeed tonight, do not miss the interesting suggestion of Sheknows follows:

Wake up and be more creative mood To achieve orgasm, the mind and body should be relaxed. Bath “bubble”, wearing sexy lingerie, and listen to favorite music is a series of ways to help you more relaxed before the action begins to make love. In fact, the couple felt helped by the action of massaging your partner’s body.If you want to immediately reach the climax, you can give a little kiss on the erogenous zones that are often ignored. Inner thighs, back of neck, and shoulders are the perfect place to start.Enjoy the moment to make love right now How many times have you with your partner but the mind is elsewhere? You may not experience orgasm, right? An orgasm is not going to happen if your mind is trapped in the care of children, housework, or your job. Concentration allows you to build their own enjoyment without worrying about the outcome. Try to bury your mind and focus on how couples make you quickly reach an incomparable sensation of pleasure. Baca selanjutnya…